Pizza Night!  

Monday, March 30, 2009

Yes, tonight was pizza night. Too pooped to cook, cranky and not wanting to try that new frozen vegan dinner at the grocery store, and not chinese again. I was very excited, can't lie. 

Was way too excited to sit still the last hour at work, too eager to get home and call out for my pizza. Is there anything better? You don't have to do anything, except grate the soy cheese (we get the bake at home, piping hot and we add the cheese, bliss).

Can I really keep talking about pizza? Hell, yeah!

I've been craving pizza for a long while now, and Denise has flat out refused to have pizza for what seems like months and months. She even talked me out of making my really good crusts this weekend. True, I was tired, but I love my own crusts better than anyone else's. Totally part of her whole anti-pizza plan.
I think that's why she won't watch the 'Godfather' movies right now, always leads to lots of wonderful Italian food. See why I'm so bad at low carb eating? 

Tonight, I wanted two pizzas, as I love taking leftovers to work the next day for lunch. So good. Pizza night was awesome, and now I'm too full to do more than type. Blup...

~ Melina

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