Super Yule-tide-y Solstice  

Monday, December 20, 2010

Solstice, being very important-y.

It is a super-duper important Solstice this year. All full moon-y and lunar eclipse-y and once every 700 years-y. Very excited, and presents too!

Solstice, waiting for presents.

Today, we decorate our Yule tree, wrap presents hang stockings. Tomorrow, we will open presents and stockings and have a big meal, with tofurky and pumpkin pie.

Vanain, hanging on till presents tomorrow.

I might have time to sew up a skirt for the tree, as to get the tree to stand straight, I had to stick my scissors in the back of the base. Looks a bit silly. Not sure if it's festive.

Banshee, under the tree, not really sure what is happening.

Also, still working on making many presents, as didn't have gobs of money this year. And I need to make the pie crust for tomorrow, and the stuffing.

Food prep for tomorrow.

So, I wish everyone a happy Yule-y day tomorrow, and merry festivities in general. We will be back with fun new blogs in the New Year.

Gratuitous cute kitty shot. Solstice and Sherlock, it's love.


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