Saturday, November 20, 2010

So, it's been awhile since the last post. That's because we have 2 more cats and finishing the big order. Love it. Tired. But love it.

Today was the first time it snowed this year. I ran around yelling 'ho,ho,ho, look kittehs, soon santie paws will be coming, yay!' I put Banshee in the window to see the snow, and he was fascinated. I think he'll love when we have the first snow on the ground, we always bring in a handful for the cats to play with. Photo opp.

We actually have some really cute holiday ornaments in our store. Denise is working her hands off making them. Really, really cute. I sorta hope we have some for our tree, but I doubt it this year.

Also, in 4 weeks we'll be on vacay! So can't wait. The count down is on. After tomorrow, only 3 more Sundays left. Oh, except for Denise, she got screwed into working the 19, so 4 Sundays for her. Sucks. But I'll spend the day cleaning, it'll make her feel better. : D

So, everyone, have fun getting ready for the season. It's all about food and presents. Lol.

- Melina.

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