Fab Fabbie-ness  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It is the most wonderful time of the year. No, not the full on madness of holiday hoopla. It's the aftermath. Getting your crap together, putting new treasures away, throwing the old crap out. Time to assess, weigh, and measure.

So, where is the wonderful in all this mess? Shopping for fabric of course! I've been shopping on Etsy all day and my eyes must look like googley-eyes. Think cookie monster, but not so blue.

So, here is a selection of fabrics that I will be getting my mitts on soon.

I shopped at Fabricpaloosa

- Melina

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Holiday Wrap Up  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Solstice, with a Christian Dior sticker. She wore it most of the day.

The holidays are such BIG thing. The entire month of December is always chaotic, full of demands that are different than at any other time of the year. It's exhausting, so we respond in the best way we can think of - we take vacation time! That's right, no banking for weeks on end and gobs of time to stay at home with the puddins. HEAVEN!
We have been best friends, living together for so long now that we really are family, complete with our own holiday traditions. We celebrate the Winter Solstice, which falls a few days earlier than Christmas, but the actual ways we celebrate are pretty much the same. We put up a tree the eve of the holiday, decorated with mainly unbreakable ornaments. We aren't stupid women! We know how destructive our cats can be.

Sherlock, making sure the proceedings are appropriate.

The ornaments themselves are worthy of mention. I have an old, beat up set of beads that were on all of my parents trees until they gave them to me. There are probably more broken beads than there are whole ones, but I love them. We have little brooms because we are ever so witchy. How cute is that! We also always hang cinnamon sticks that are tied together. Why? Because there was one holiday when Melina was sad because we couldn't afford ornaments. I went to work at the coffee shop that day and tied together cinnamon sticks and brought them home for us to use. It made her really happy. We will always have cinnamon sticks on the tree.

Our holiday haul.

Next morning rolls around and we open our presents. This year, there was definitely a Sephora theme to the gifts. We each got a yummy perfume. We smell like ladies! And we ALWAYS get DVD sets of our favourite shows, setting us up for post holiday hunkers. This year I got season 1 of Angel, season 1 of Supernatural and Melina got all 4 seasons of Inspector Lewis. How amazing is that???

All four cats. Love!

We always throw all of the paper on the floor and leave it there for the day. The kids / cats play in it all day long. The puddins are the best part of the day. Sitting on the floor and playing with them and their new toys is fun and awesome. I love my life.

Banshee showing why decorations are non-breakable, and Sherlock legging it.

Big Tofurky dinner, coffee with soy nog, pumpkin pie. It was an awesome holiday.

Vanian, tired after a fun Yule.


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