Membertou Remembered  

Friday, June 25, 2010

So friggin' cool.

Wow, we had a fun day in the sun today. Went to the Membertou 400 celebration on the Halifax commons. Wasn't really down with the 'yay, he was baptized' thing. Not really loving the raping of a entire culture's soul, so that sucks. Some people were boycotting the celebrations for this reason. I can totally understand that. But I had to go where the drums and jingle-y dresses told me.

The bells on the dresses are added 1 for every day of the year. Was awesome.

Was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see an actual pow wow, but I'll make sure I do next year. I just might have lost my mind, as I nearly did with the jingle dresses.

There were lots of wigwams with neat stuff inside, like basket-making and Mi'kmaq medicine and storytelling. Way cool, but, man was it hot. Burnt my scalp again.

Wigwams on the commons, way better than baseball.

Oh, and there was really amazing bead-work, prints and drums (sadly, made of animal skins, but I'm sure my neighbors are glad, no drumming for me).

Wish we had more time, but I think we really got loopy from the sun. We are night-people, after all.

Totally excited already for next year. I just hope I'll be able to contain myself at a Pow Wow. Mmmm, doubtful.

- Melina

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Summertime Fun  

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Despite many blog posts that lament my teenage goth days/attempts, I am a total beach bum. And being a beach loving fool, I have my favorites. All have been on the lovely South Shore of Nova Scotia, Hurtles, you know I'm talking 'bout you. *wink, wink*

But, after last weekend, I've a new love in my heart. I was just innocently asked on an impromptu road trip with Denise's sister Diane. Was just going up to see their lovely niece Carol sing at Moncton University. Ok, make sure I have opera appropriate clothing, check. Snacks (lovely raw balls), check. Water and pops, check.

We had no idea that Diane had a plan, man. A plan that involved a beach. She would regret not telling us of this planned detour. She didn't realize we both love the beach.

So, we went to Port Elgin, checked out Bob's homeland and ate some great onion rings.

Then we were told we are going to Shediac, where their family had a summer cottage growing up. I was game, and was calm in the car till I realized that that meant we were going to a beach. The calm was gone. I keep squeaking,'Eeeeee, we're going to the beach, eeeeeee!!!'

Parlee Beach, you sexy beach. I barely noticed your silly, gaudy, facade. We went straight to the lovely beachy sands and waters.

Bliss, oh sheer bliss. Warm calm waters, clear and delicious. Nice sands, fine and plentiful. Stupid people out in the sun, on my beach. Mine, all mine. Rolled up my pants, Denise had her umbrella (yes, she is allergic to the sun) Diane took off her sandals. I decided I needed to go in to this beautiful water, so very warm.

We walked over away from the people, and I took off my pants and went in the water, and swam for as long as I could. BLISS. Was my new happy place, and I considered never leaving this beach. I could quit my job and live on the beach, right? Mmmm, chilly in winter though.

So, I love Parlee Beach. Love it! So pretty and warm. Just ignore the touristy stuff (though a restaurant is a good idea, when your living on the beach!). Love the beach. It'll love you back.

Here's to a fab summer, folks!!!


Here is the link to the official website; Parlee Beach Provincial Park

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Feeling Sexxxy Again  

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eric, mmmmm tasty

Ok, this could be mildly horrifying to some, funny to many others, but yeah, gotta say I'm feeling like a sexy lady. Why, you ask? Bloody good question. Let me think...

I think watching 'True Blood' has something to do with it. Have you seen Eric??? There is much eye candy on that freakin' show. Same with 'Vampire Diaries', what with the Damon and all. Sticking with the vampire theme (the BEST theme ever) 'Eclipse' is coming out soon, too. Eye candy indeed.

Damon, on the right

Wearing my contacts makes me feel like a lady. My glasses make me feel cruddy. So, being industrious and wearing them more often.

Also, applying a little make up is making me feel good too. And I actually like my haircut too. I'd love to go to my stylist Dave, but for cutting it myself, I'm rather pleased.

You know who they are

Denise and I are more active and planning meals ahead of time. Also, making meals and freezing them, so we are not tempted to eat crap. Even being vegan, you can still find crap to eat when you are tired and hungry.

The late Betty Page, with my hair, and oddly enough, my new swimsuit

Doing yoga makes me feel sexy, as I'm taking time for myself. Meditating is sooooo sexy. Cuz, it's your brain and stuff. ; )

Preforming well at work, and working some overtime makes me f
eel sexy, I'm making more money, reducing stress and reaching my goals. Weird.

Ummm, me, writing this blog, hahaha!

So, all this stuff together, makes for me feeling sexy. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

- Melina

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