Diary of a Plate Spinner  

Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember that episode of Sesame Street where the guy did the act spinning plates on the top of sticks? It must have made an impression in me because that's the image that comes to mind at the beginning of every weekend.

I work my job. I make jewellery and work on our Etsy shop. I am writing a novel and frequently feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. And I'm trying to be healthier, using bribery to get myself to work out on a regular basis.

Plate 1 , jewellery - spinspinspin. Plate 2, novel - spinnyspin. Extra hours at work, exercise, trying to see friends - spin spin SPIN! Oh, first one slowing down, must spin ....

Everyone feels this way, right? Sometimes it feels like there is no down time and if I didn't love the crative parts so much I would feel I have no life at all. But it all goes back to the ultimate dream, the goal listed in our profile.

That house in the country where I will be able to work full time at writing and jewellery and the creative stuff that I love.

~ Denise

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Knit It - I Love Making Rolls  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm gonna talk about my love. My love of sewing. I love to sew. I love making stuff that I designed. I love looking at the final product. Sometimes get proud of myself. Not meaning to sound big headed at all. Just a simple joy in a labor of love, completed.

The last three knitting needel rolls I have completed make me smile. I've 2 more to complete this weekend. Then on to a batch of totes. YAY!!!

Kinda dancing in my heart right now. Yeah, I know it's sorta lame, and I really don't care. I love my Emerald 116, it's my bebe. It's been through the wars and keeps going strong.

Dreaming of sewing all the time. Oh, to go shopping for more fabric.

- Melina

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Ode to Knitting Needle Rolls  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The roll, of a knitting needle stripe,
You speak to my soul
I feel the un-straight lines
The layers, holding and strong.

Don't look at my hands,
They do bleed your name
Everyday, they bleed.

Interfacing, staying flat on flat,
I thread the needle, no knitting here
Button and un-button, how many
Roll on, the roll.

-Melina : D

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