Sexy Money  

Friday, September 24, 2010

This is a story, about ours cats, and what they think is their money.

'Hey, look at dis, monies on the floors. Mom, can I buy some red pleathers pants dat lace up the sides?'

'I'm gonna go get my rock star pants cat-o-louges...'

'It looks like der is enough monies.'

'Good, he's gone from my monies. Stoopid brothers. Me and blishie likes monies more dan him.'

'Mmmmmmm, nom nom nom, monies, smells like de heavons!'

'Oh, it tastes like de-lisious-ness. Loves monies. My monies'

'Mmmm, still tast-y-ness.'

'Monies, I loves you sooooo much. You are so beaui-fulls. I will never leaves you alones...'

'Oh, no. Stoopid brothers coming back. Stoopid, stoopid dumb dumb.'

'What you want? Nothing to see here. Go away...'

Melina. The very tired mom of the money hungry brats.

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Earl, You Big Jerk  

Friday, September 10, 2010

Making stove-top espresso!

So, last Saturday, Earl touched down in Halifax. We lost power an hour before that. For just over 24 hours, there was no power at our house, on our street.

Luckily, there is no better place to be than at a witch's house during a power outage, as we have more candles than you've had hot meals. I don't know why, but it's so true.

The first order of the day, coffee. I had a stove top espresso maker (thanks Diane), and after Juan I got a couple of dollar store tea-light burners, for just such an occasion. So, sitting burner on the top of the stove (har, har, stove top) and added a few more tea lights under the burner, I made us espresso. Denise was a non-believer, said I couldn't do it, and I told her she'd soon be laughing out her arse. in about 15-20 minutes, we were drinking lovely and very tasty espresso coffee. : D

About mid-afternoon, I wanted a sweet snack, so I made mud pies (no, not with mud, some folks call them haystacks or macaroons). Again, Denise was amazed. More laughing out the butt.

Tree that was.

Blurry, but holy crap, look at the tree!

After using up all of the computer battery by watching downloaded episodes of 'Being Human' (which is freakin' awesome, btw), we did some tarot readings and then argued. At this point we each retired to our own room to have some naps. Hoping power would be restored while napping. It wasn't.

Mmm, veggies burgers? Oui!

When we woke up and got up and re-convened in the living room, still no power. Crap. So, after very cold semi-shower clean up, we went for a walk, hoping Needs would be open. But we met a friendly guy on the street, who said Circle K was open, we legged it, snapping some photos on the way. The store was soooooo hot, but we got some snacks.

Later that night, we wanted to eat a proper meal, so I said I'd make some veggie burgers. This time Denise didn't scoff, and was please to have sauteed onions and mushrooms on the veggie burgers. Yum!

With mushrooms.

The next morning, I heard a neighbor taking to a 'power guy', I got out of bed, stumbled to the open window and mumble-yelled 'when's power back?' She jumped, and said in an hour. I was so happy. And about 20 minutes later, we had power. I was so friggin' happy.

Get the burger nicely browned on both sides.

The moral of this blog post? Earl is a poo face, and be really happy that you can avoid talking to your loved ones with a multitude of electronic distractions. I know I am.

K, very bad photo of the finished burger. Note the hole in the bun, It was where I accidentally burned the bun. Burned buns. Ha!

-Melina : D

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