Our Mother's Keeper, Coming Soon to Take Retail by Storm  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wall mural at 'Our Mother's Keeper'

Yay!!! Our good friend Leesa is just days away from opening her super-exciting new store, called 'Our Mother's Keeper'. As the name might lead you think, it is a store with a conscience and a soul. Just like our Leesa. Huh. Go figure.

Map of the Town of Windsor

I sooooo can not wait to go to Windsor to see it. She's gonna have all sorts of great, cool, amazing, cute, green, environ, nifties that everyone will need to buy. Unlike going to the local Walmart, you'll be supporting local artisans and artists and crafty-makers of all sorts. What could be better than that? Nothing!

Leesa is also really witty and smart, so you'll really enjoy talking to her. She's a classy dame. If you are in need of the special gift-y or an inspiring place to be or need some advice on what items will have the least carbon impact on your footprint. Ummmm, no, that's not quite right. See, you need to talk to Leesa. I need to talk to her too, I'd say.

Some of the ultra amazing stuff I happen to know that she is carrying is some things from Effiehandmade, very cute yoga bags and brush rolls.

And, last, but I'd say not least would be some great pieces from Moody and Sanguine. Oh, my that would be us! Geee, that's a bit convenient. She has some fine, sexy jewellery (earrings and necklaces and the soooo cool corset cuff, meow!) from Denise. As well as some cotton totes, bags, knitting needle roll, and cutlery rolls. So saucy.

So, and this is the most important part, GO TO LEESA'S STORE!!! It's called 'OUR MOTHER'S KEEPER'. *** Note; The store opens Tuesday, May 4. At 10:00 a.m. It's located at 85 Water St. in the lovely town of Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Hours will be Tuesday to Friday 10:00 till 6:00 and Saturday 9:00 till 3:00. The store will be closed Sunday and Monday. The number for the store is (902)- 472-TREE or (902)- 472-8733.

Yay Leesa's amazing new store, 'Our Mother's Keeper'. Yay!!!

-Melina. : D

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New Things  

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I's tie tie. Is 2:40-ish a.m., and I's can't sleeps. Too much doing, but is so excited. *Yawn*

This is new flatware rolls. Will list-y list tomorrows. Hmmmm, no is todays already. How I do allnighties in uni I's has no ideas. *Rubs eyes slowly* I makes the napkin me-self. Nice, nice napkins. So nice-y nice. *Yawns again*

This is painting me do. Landscapesies. Pretty. Trees. Tie tie. I send to Leesa, she takes the bebe. Puts in store. So give her monies. Monies for bebes. Solstice takes monies. See previous post. Monied cat. Little brat. *Looks round for cat while slowly yawning, again*

K, me so so so tie tie. Nite-y nites.


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True Love  

Friday, April 16, 2010


So, one of our favorite new shows is 'True Blood'. New as in it is both still on the air, and we have loved it for about a year and a half.

For Yule, I got Denise season 1 on DVD. And, yeah, I liked the show too, I'm not going to lie, but Denise is the ultra talented supernatural fiction writer. So I was being ultra supportive BFF. I just get to enjoy it as well. After watching season 1, we downloaded season 2, and holy crap it blew season 1 out of the water. And how friggin' hot is Eric. Geez, what can a gal do? Didn't see that coming. And he had the best funny scenes ever. Seriously. Friggin' hot.

So, season 2 will soon be out on DVD, and I'm so excited that season 3 will start in June. Yay. I normally don't go on line to check what will happen with my favorite shows, cuz frankly, who has the time? But with 'True Blood', I have. Call me nerd, call me silly, call me Eric. Har. Har.

Eric, with foils.

You may be asking, 'What's with all the vampires'? Well, personally, I've loved the vampire rather a lot since I was a teenager. Back in the 80's when vampires were NOT in popular culture like they are now. I read a hell of a lot of horror fiction, and so love some of the new supernatural fiction. And it's really cool as most of it is written by ladies. What does that matter? Well, women are smart and funny. Not that men aren't. There are some who are really good at it. Like Patrick Rothfuss who is brilliant.

Patrick Rothfuss

I'll ask Denise to do a blog post about her fave fiction writers, though she has an English degree, so she can be a bit wordy. Ummmm... anyway.

I've got to go get to sewing ( hee, it's tough : D ) . Have a great day everyone. Hug your local vampire today (or night, harhar).

- Melina

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I Can Drive 55  

Saturday, April 10, 2010

As we've discussed in earlier blog posts, things are kinda exciting round here. We have made some exciting plans for the future. Hence the much working now.

Right at this moment, I am very into sorting out what car we will get in the next year. Why worry about that now? Ummm, cause it's me. And I LOVE cars. I've never had my own car, I've driven my mom's cars, and I had my license at 18.

There are a few different cars I'm looking at. We get a discount through our work on 4 different car companies. The 2 I'm looking at (and can afford) are Hyundai and Chrysler. Yeah, if I could buy any car I wanted, it wouldn't be either of these, but, alas not at this time.

But that's ok. There are two models I'm really considering from these companies. The first is the Elantra from Hyundai. It's not too small, and just affordable. With any car we get it will be automatic and have air conditioning. These are a must. The Elantra is really cute. I like it. I like the Future Value financing option, and will opt for full warranty.

The other car that has a bit of a hold on my heart is the Dodge Caliber. We had rented one at Yule for 1 day, and I quite liked it. Peppy and looks real sharp. Denise keeps laughing at me, as I keep saying 'it's sharp' when I see a car I like.

She is also trying to remind me that she also has a say in this decision, and I fully KNOW this. I just forget, on occasion.

- Melina.

Yes, I referenced the much loathed Sammy Hagar.

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It's Like Candy, Yummy, Yummy, Calorie Free Candy!  

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I LOVE fabric. I've gotten sore fingers from fabric shopping. Those of you who love the 'hand' of fabric know what I mean. 'Numb-fingers' would be the term I would use for the affliction.

These are the most recent additions to my fabric 'stash'. I just wanna drool, looking at it. It's the possibilities and the sheen, shine and colours. Yum.

Lately I've been trying to add new things to our Etsy store, but also make things for my friend Leesa's new store too. And, I'm painting today as well. Jeepers.

Denise and I had a fun afternoon with Bob and Lorraine, Denise's parents. We went to lunch and drove around Eastern Passage. It's an area we don't know much about, but have been looking at properties in that location. It's really nice.

Off in the distance, Bob and Lorraine walking, in lovely Eastern Passage.

- Melina. : D

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