I Can Drive 55  

Saturday, April 10, 2010

As we've discussed in earlier blog posts, things are kinda exciting round here. We have made some exciting plans for the future. Hence the much working now.

Right at this moment, I am very into sorting out what car we will get in the next year. Why worry about that now? Ummm, cause it's me. And I LOVE cars. I've never had my own car, I've driven my mom's cars, and I had my license at 18.

There are a few different cars I'm looking at. We get a discount through our work on 4 different car companies. The 2 I'm looking at (and can afford) are Hyundai and Chrysler. Yeah, if I could buy any car I wanted, it wouldn't be either of these, but, alas not at this time.

But that's ok. There are two models I'm really considering from these companies. The first is the Elantra from Hyundai. It's not too small, and just affordable. With any car we get it will be automatic and have air conditioning. These are a must. The Elantra is really cute. I like it. I like the Future Value financing option, and will opt for full warranty.

The other car that has a bit of a hold on my heart is the Dodge Caliber. We had rented one at Yule for 1 day, and I quite liked it. Peppy and looks real sharp. Denise keeps laughing at me, as I keep saying 'it's sharp' when I see a car I like.

She is also trying to remind me that she also has a say in this decision, and I fully KNOW this. I just forget, on occasion.

- Melina.

Yes, I referenced the much loathed Sammy Hagar.

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