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Saturday, April 3, 2010

I LOVE fabric. I've gotten sore fingers from fabric shopping. Those of you who love the 'hand' of fabric know what I mean. 'Numb-fingers' would be the term I would use for the affliction.

These are the most recent additions to my fabric 'stash'. I just wanna drool, looking at it. It's the possibilities and the sheen, shine and colours. Yum.

Lately I've been trying to add new things to our Etsy store, but also make things for my friend Leesa's new store too. And, I'm painting today as well. Jeepers.

Denise and I had a fun afternoon with Bob and Lorraine, Denise's parents. We went to lunch and drove around Eastern Passage. It's an area we don't know much about, but have been looking at properties in that location. It's really nice.

Off in the distance, Bob and Lorraine walking, in lovely Eastern Passage.

- Melina. : D

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