Sister, Sister!  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You know, having sisters is a good thing. I myself have one, fab, rock star of a sister. Her name is Melisa and she can kick your ass.

Denise has four sisters. Debbie, Donna, Darlene and Diane. Yeah, she can't mock the Melina - Melisa thing, not with five D's. Strangely enough, this didn't carry on in the grandkids, but maybe we can cross our fingers for the great grandkids, eh, Carol? ;)

So, with so many sister's and owning an accessories company, we do quite well with orders and or requests for various occasions.

This week we are prepping stuff for sister-Diane to pimp at her book club meeting. She is one of those natural salespeople and tends to talk us up a lot, which is a darn good thing. Making tons of earrings, and will have the extras going into what will hopefully be a busy season. Which earrings does such a sister think will do well?

These were actually not on the site any longer, but sister-Diane kept selling them when people saw hers so we thought What the Heck! Bring those babies back!

These have been around for awhile but still do really well.

All of our sisters are pretty great. We won't be returning any. :)

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Either We're Crazy or We Have an Addiction  

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We want to get to the country. We dream of moving and work our little butts off to get there. And when we get there we would like the aforementioned butts to be in fabulous shape. With this in mind, I downloaded some Zumba workouts. I had heard that it was fun, and as both Melina and I love to dance I thought 'What the heck, how hard can it be?"

Stupid stupid question. Zumba kicked our rapidly improving butts! And yet, as we struggled for breath, we still managed to have fun. WTF! Is that even possible? It was at this point that I began to question our sanity.

Fast forward to last week. We had been drooling over the Zumba Exhilarate 7 DVD set. I had trolled the internet daily trying to find the best deal and thought it would be Amazon. But of course by the time we had the money available the price had crept upwards. Huh? Was the world conspiring against our having nice bottoms?

Now, I never check Kijiji. I know people get fantastic deals but when you don't have a car it is just impossible to arrange for pickup. I don't know what made me check, but how surprised was I to find a great deal on what we wanted within a walkable distance!! Hallelujahs! *say that like Lafayette on True Blood, please.*

We told her we wanted it and arranged for pick-up. The only time she was available was between 8:30 and 9:00 AM on our day off. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? People are awake at 8:30 AM? Don't they know there is a better way to live?

So it's official, either we are crazy or we are addicted. But we have the Zumba set. And will soon have great butts.

~ Denise

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Sephora Heaven  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last week, Denise and I went to Sephora for the first time. It was love at first smell I think it would be fair to say.

Finally, hot and cold running vegan lipgloss. Eyeshadow, mascara, blush, eyeliner, oh my. Bliss. The perfume section was delicious. The vanilla coconut was my fave. Denise squeaked when she saw the Dior Hypnotic Poison one. She pronounced that this was hers. *hairy eyeball from one of the shop girls*

We didn't even get to all of it, as we had other stuff to do. Wow, it was so great. The line up for the cash was deadly, all those little trial sized goodies. So tempting.

I was telling some of the ladies at work about it, as I'm so excited about it. I got a gasp because of how much my Urban Decay red light lip gloss was. Whatever. I love it. It is like a candy store with no calories, it's just that sweet.

- Melina :D

- posted while I'm ruling my own media empire!

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