Shirley You Jest!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh, no. I don't think this blog is going to be very proper.

Ok, I'll trust you this time, maybe. I don't want any part of anything untoward.

I wonder, would my mommas dare tell me a fib?

No, oh, I can't believe it. They would never.

How would you like me to pose?

I smile at you? Darn, got my eyes closed.

I've had it. I take my pumpkin-belly and leave you to it.

Well, I could end it on one of these. *Purrrrrr...*

- Melina : D

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Appreciation Nation  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You know, we love what we do. Denise and I love creating and designing. We also take much pride in the quality of what we make. Nothing makes either of us happier than getting positive feedback.

Denise loves making unique and beautiful pieces, and she gets all shy with all the compliments she invariably gets.

I love when a customer notices and mentions that my item is well made. Not being a gentle flower, and I make my products to withstand my own use. And, I like the pretty as well.

We got some of the best feedback the other day from a happy customer who loves her new knitting needle roll. This totally made my week! How awesome. This is not the only reason we do what we do, but, man, this is friggin' awesome.

This was the appreciation photo we got from a customer. Yay!

- Melina :D

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