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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's been awhile since we have updated on our lives. It's weird how when you are working towards a goal, things can be fluctuate. Sometimes the vision is so clear, other times it muddy at best. We are definitely in a clear phase. Crystal. Like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are running to get there. A lot of custom orders, especially for Melina. I invite people to bring on more. I want to see how much sewing she can do before her head explodes! She made a custom book cover, a bunch of cutlery rolls for a picnic basket, and is currently making a million pennant flags for a friend's wedding. I have come up with a few new designs and was called upon for a custom slave anklet. So lots of work which is always FUN! When it comes to actual fun, the kind that does not involve sewing machines and jump rings, we have definitely been a scoach dull. A few highlights include: 1) thanks once again to my amazing sister, Debbie, we got to see Cirque du Soleil again! It was beautiful and amazing awe inspiring. Literally took my breath away.

2) how great was The Avengers? Honestly, Joss Whedon is a god. For those who don't know, I dream of being a full-time writer, and he is one of my writing idols. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a superhero movie the highlight of which was the dialogue? GENIUS! (The following is a gratuitous photo of Chris Hemsworth, another great thing about the film. Just ... wow. Lovely.)
3)5 words - ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI! We have discovered the most wonderful thing in the world. Can you imagine anything better? Not only is it all you can eat, but it is really really good. We have been twice. The second time I think I ate more than I have ever eaten in one sitting. Felt so sick and it was AWESOME. :) Avocado and tempura sweet potato rolls. YUM! I guess we have squeezed in a little fun. We'll keep the updates coming on a more regular basis. And we will also be making fun a goal. ~ Denise

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