New listing, tentative order, and Rob Zombie  

Saturday, February 28, 2009

First of all, a brand new listing in our shop.  Always exciting!

As for our order, this is the story.  A friend of Melina's contacted us to say that her employer stuffs stockings for all of the employees every Christmas and they thought they wanted to buy some stuff from us.  Awesome!  I thought it would probably be at the most 12 pairs of earrings or something and that would be fantastic!!  Well, she sent us the tentative order and I don't want to jinx anything, but HOLY CRAP!!!  It is soooooo much more than I thought.  Just waiting for final info and a deposit.

Went for coffee with a friend last night who also has an Etsy shop (effiehandmade).  She gave us so much support and feedback.  It's great to have a friend like that who has been where you are and is now able to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly.   

And now for something that is just totally frivolous and fun for me.  I just finished re-watching Rob Zombie's Halloween.  Here are the 5 reasons I love Rob Zombie:

1- He's vegetarian.
2- He has an amazing esthetic sense that is totally unique.
3- He is fearless in following his own vision.
4- He always casts his wife in his films.  Who doesn't want a guy who has that much faith in you?
5- His films are always so real.  He doesn't make things visually glossy and shiny, he makes the ugly as bad as it should be and the beautiful more gorgeous than you would think possible.

OK, some of those may overlap a bit but it wasn't a scientific process.  I just love him.

~ Denise

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Movin' on up... and out!  

Friday, February 27, 2009

I just need to take a minute to expound on the end goal of everything we are doing now. Yes, it would be moving to the Valley. 

For many years now, both me and Denise have been dreaming of living and working in the beautiful Valley area. It's, I think, a combination of the landscape, people, produce, and the good vibrations that naturally occur there. Bliss.

We want to have our combined jewelry and handbag/sewing business, and Denise writing and me painting. To be able to live and work in this Goddess blessed place is our shared goal. We also hope to meet nice pagan friendly/veggie men there. Wonder if they grow in the ground, like I think they must.

I always feel the stress  and worry melt away as soon as we hit the area. We love the Blomidon area in general. Those majestic cliffs, and the quiet beach. Love going up the mountain and looking out at the valley below. More bliss.

When we have a poopy day, and things don't seem to be working out, we will often try to remember all our trips down to the valley, and our goal to get there. ASAP. 

~ Denise

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Frustrating Day  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I spent all day trying to write but had very little success.  When it goes well it is the best feeling in the entire world and when it is bad there is nothing worse.  Melina worked on photos and I get the impression she was pretty blah after the shoot.  So overall, not a fantastic day.  

Yesterday was great in a lot of ways.  Have had much positive feedback and several people at work who I think are going to make purchases.  YAY!  Still haven't had our first Etsy sale but we will, I know it.  Things are just moving forward in such a great way!  

Now, what has made me happy today?  I learned that Victoria's Secret has come out with a completely vegan skin care line.  Cool!  I love that on 'Regis and Kelly' they talked about Mickey Rourke getting the pendant of his dog, Loki.  Both because I love hearing about how much he loves his animals and the Etsy mention was fabuloso!!  

And this made me happy.  I like 'mini' things a lot and I think my friend had a great idea with this.

~ Denise

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Just found out there are some problems leaving comments.  We're looking into it as I type!

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Changing the Way the World Shops  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can't stop thinking about something I saw on CBC Sunday Morning about a week ago.  And no, I'm not up on Sunday morning for fun.  I work at noon on Sundays hence the up-ness early enough to catch the show.  Anyway, they were talking about the economic crisis and saying how this is actually a fabulous opportunity for consumers to change the way the world looks.  Every dollar spent has become incredibly important.  With large block stores finding it harder to cope a conscious effort by consumers to shop with independent retailers could change the whole retail landscape.  Main street could come back.  Is that thought not just amazingly exciting or am I just focussing on a minor detail?  Fixations like that are a hazard of having no life!  :)

We are having amazing feedback about the shop and I think we may have our first sale through Etsy!  And we've been contacted about a large sale for later in the year.  Fingers crossed that everything works out.

~ Denise

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love the new template!  Woo hoo!!!

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Real Life  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Had a great dinner at our friends' Steve and Bryn's house this past Saturday.  Yummy vegan crepes with dill/horseradish sauce.  So good!  Apparently the recipe came from the book 'The Voluptuous Vegan', which now I feel I must have.  It was also the first time seeing their new house, which just cemented the need for both Melina and I to realize the dream of living in the country.   Somewhere in the Annapolis Valley, around Blomidon.  *sigh*

In terms of making this dream come true, the website is up and running.  No sales yet through the site but so much feedback and possibilities have already come up in under a week.  Our friends seem to be really behind us, are spreading the word as much as they can.  It's great to see.  I know what a long road it is but we are absolutely going to do this!

The thing that is especially surprising for me is how Etsy is such a community.  The forums and Twitter and convos - I've already spoken to so many people!  This is a really good move for us.

Juggling everything is going to be even harder than I thought.  Must write this weekend!!

More later.  Off to watch 'Paranormal State'.

~ Denise

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Last Day of Vacay  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

That's right.  The last day of what has turned out to be the anti-vacation.  So much time spent setting up the shop that we have barely left the house.  I don't know how Melina feels but I definitely think we did a great job.  We still have to work on pics and list one more item but man, when I think of where we were at the start of this week I can't help but pat both of us on the back!!  I guess I'm grading on a curve.

And as for sales, we have had such great local feedback and a few leads already.  It's really exciting.

From now in the challenge will be to keep everything moving forward.  Writing, the shop, work, and LIFE!  The last will probably suffer most.  

Off to friends' for supper tonight.  YUM!  Looking forward to relaxing.  Will definitely report on the scrumptiousness.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation should not be tiring but we have put so much time into getting the shop set up that this has been far from relaxation time!  Only a couple of things left to list, a few photos left to take.  What's getting me through is the thought of why we are doing this.  I will have that life I see in my head, damn it!!

I managed to get a bit of work done on writing today as well which is making me feel much less anxious.

We're going to friends' house for dinner on Saturday.   I know we'll have fun but I am so tired that it's hard to get excited.  I think Melina is more jazzed.  There will be lots of yummy veggie food so that should be cool.  In the meantime I will try to relax.  I'll grab a cat.  That sometimes helps.  This one:

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We are set up!!!  

We here at moodyandsanguine actually have the store finally up and running. Wow, taking the photos was a marathon and I can't believe I still need to do more. Maybe one day I'll be good at it? 

I've more sewing to do... hope to do more work soon. Like maybe now, eh?

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