Changing the Way the World Shops  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I can't stop thinking about something I saw on CBC Sunday Morning about a week ago.  And no, I'm not up on Sunday morning for fun.  I work at noon on Sundays hence the up-ness early enough to catch the show.  Anyway, they were talking about the economic crisis and saying how this is actually a fabulous opportunity for consumers to change the way the world looks.  Every dollar spent has become incredibly important.  With large block stores finding it harder to cope a conscious effort by consumers to shop with independent retailers could change the whole retail landscape.  Main street could come back.  Is that thought not just amazingly exciting or am I just focussing on a minor detail?  Fixations like that are a hazard of having no life!  :)

We are having amazing feedback about the shop and I think we may have our first sale through Etsy!  And we've been contacted about a large sale for later in the year.  Fingers crossed that everything works out.

~ Denise

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