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Monday, February 23, 2009

Had a great dinner at our friends' Steve and Bryn's house this past Saturday.  Yummy vegan crepes with dill/horseradish sauce.  So good!  Apparently the recipe came from the book 'The Voluptuous Vegan', which now I feel I must have.  It was also the first time seeing their new house, which just cemented the need for both Melina and I to realize the dream of living in the country.   Somewhere in the Annapolis Valley, around Blomidon.  *sigh*

In terms of making this dream come true, the website is up and running.  No sales yet through the site but so much feedback and possibilities have already come up in under a week.  Our friends seem to be really behind us, are spreading the word as much as they can.  It's great to see.  I know what a long road it is but we are absolutely going to do this!

The thing that is especially surprising for me is how Etsy is such a community.  The forums and Twitter and convos - I've already spoken to so many people!  This is a really good move for us.

Juggling everything is going to be even harder than I thought.  Must write this weekend!!

More later.  Off to watch 'Paranormal State'.

~ Denise

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