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Friday, May 13, 2011

I grew up dancing. I was in a performing youth company for years, mainly working in jazz, ballet and modern. It was a long time ago but I have never lost my love of dance. Now I have a new love and it's bellydance. Melina has taken some classes and I've learned some basics over the years, but I want to take a class in the future. If you've never tried it then you absolutely must. There is a reason it originated as a form of spiritual worship. It truly celebrates female sensuality, and as a Pagan, nothing makes me feel more like a goddess.

Now I can see how my love of dance, and bellydance in particular, is working it's way into my other work! These slave anklets are so fun and I want to take a class just so I can wear them. I love it. Everything has a way of coming together.

~ Denise

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