Wow, Too Excited!!! So Excited!!!  

Friday, February 26, 2010

Makes you happy to come home!!! Love!

Finally, after many years of nagging and hoping, Denise agreed to go splits with me on a house. Yeah, we aren't a couple, but I can't afford a home on my own, and I need to build some equity.

I've been, mmmmm, exuberant to say the least. I've been bugging everyone I know who has bought a house. We are gonna buy/lease a car too, so I'm bugging people about cars. Thrilled!!!

It will take us a while to get ready save up for down payment, car, closing costs and the bits and bobs we will need in a house. EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I can't wait.

I've been on MLS and Auto Trader non-stop. Denise is going to throw something at me soon.

Also, we were featured in 'Etsy Finds' on Monday!!! Wow! And we got our 50th sale this week. Awesome.

"I don't likes stoopit soundings cat jokes, yous all dum an junk."

And of course, the wonderful Debbie (see previous blog posts for much more Debbie-esque raving), sent us b-day packages in the mail, containing wonderful books. Denise got chainmaille books and I got sewing books. So excited!!!


As you see, we now have the Debbie LeBlanc Leger reference library. The only problem now is the cranky librarian, who will demand cuddles for books.

If you would like to give us a house or a car, or if you have opinions on the purchase of either, please let us know. Har har!

"You don't want to be lates with the books, or I find yous .... "


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Olympic Fever-ish  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ok, so we all know the olympics are in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, this year. And as we are Canadian, we are rather, er, watching them a lot. For once.

It's an odd thing, as I've always been rather anti-Olympics. And I do think the gross aspects of the Olympics are gross. The obscene amount of money, environmental damage, and political poo - poo that happens in the name of the Olympics is horrid.

But, the silly sense of national pride, the joy of pummeling another country without war or bloodshed is great. The world seeing how cool (literally, har, har) your country is. And us winning our first gold on Canadian soil was awesome. And the second, how many we up to now???

And, if you watch 'How I Met Your Mother', there was a scene in a Tim Hortons! Sweet!

It makes me want to sing.... ' Oh, Canada, ..... mm mmmmm mm mmm mm mmmmmmmmmm.' Then you drink a beer, I think. I don't drink, but I do love maple syrup.

And Sidney Crosby friggin' kicks arse. YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!

Yeah, as a country, we've got flaws. Not sure what they are, and I don't care. Maybe that is the point.

- Melina (the occasional hockey hooligan)

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Friday, February 12, 2010

I am the bread maker. I love making bread. I'm now on vacation, and I'm making bread.

The smell is the best. Eating it right out of the oven is pretty sweet too. But, it's the smell that kills you and then makes you whole. Bliss.

I usually don't allow myself to make it on weekends, as I feel that it is too time consuming. I have work to do on weekends, I'm not someone who has that kind of time. But, oh, it feels so good. I feel all 'mother-goddess-like'. Like I'm making the stuff of life with my hands.

Do something you love today, don't just wait for vacay.

- Melina

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Baby I Was Born To Blog  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Viking, and my knitting needle holder, in progress...

Cutting the interfacing...

working on the photos...

The final listing. Love.

No, really I wasn't. But I really like it. And Denise makes me do it.

I'm super excited about my latest listing, I made a knitting needle holder . It's my own design. It was inspired by the fab Debbie, Denise's sister. She knits us the best and coolest stuff. I love Debbie, and you would too if you knew her.

Making a pattern from scratch is always tricky, but I finally got a good holder. Even if I do say so myself. I love sewing so much, I would sew full-time if I won the lottery. I'd also buy a fancy Bernina. Mmmmm, well, I'd probably have more than one. And a whole sewing room. And a big, big stash. And a serger. And a big cutting table....

If I had more time I'd love to start working on clothes. I just finished 'altering' some new 'work' pants. I had to hem the of course, but I also added pockets. They were sort of there, but sewn shut. I took out the seams, added some 'pockets' I 'made'. Ok, I'll 'stop'.

A lovely sewing room. *Sigh*

Watching the 'Miss Marple' murder mysteries make me want to make cute 50's things. I really want to be a excellent sewer of clothes. Yes, that is what I want to do.

Another really nice sewing room. *Drool*

- Melina

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