Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vanian getting up and leaving, wanting to have no photographic evidence of tolerance. Note little brother Banshee in the background.

Pretty Sherlock.

If you know Denise and I, you'll be aware that there are a couple of new arrivals at our house. Two lil' bundles of joy were 'delivered' last Wednesday. Their names are Sherlock and Banshee. they are both boys, and adopted from Sonya's cat rescue.

Sherlock again. Someone has learned to smile with his eyes. Look at the pretty pose.

Banshee, with Solstice in the background, neither look too thrilled.

More pretty sitting from Sherlock. Seriously, this cat knows how to work the camera!

They are feral, and need much love. Luckily, we've got cuddles enough for more. And more. And more. Four is enough for this apartment, but when we get a house, we'll be loading up with some more kitties and doggies as well. Yay! So can't wait. : D

So, while Solstice and Vanian are getting used to their new baby brothers, we are working harder than ever. Scooping poops, feeding, watering, playing and of course snuggling.

Banshee, however needs so modeling lessons.

Sherlock hamming it up, and the rather large arse of Solstice looming, like an unpleasant odor.

Also, busting arse to make more money to pay for litter, food, pay off debt and save for house for more bebes (and a car!!!).

Life is freakin' awesome!

Vanian wanted nothing else to do with this stupid photo shoot. He left in a huff.

- Melina. : )

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Helping Paws  

Friday, October 15, 2010

Work? Me?

No!!! Me tie tie. I could not possibly move. My feet are crossed and my paw is irretrievable.

No, you go on, I'll just stay right here, thanks.

Awww, man. Just go away already. You can't see me. I'm in my hidy-hole.

Seriously, I'm starting to get really pissed.

Finally, she can't see me and bug me. So comfy.

Solstice: 'I am so beauitful! Look and me, Kimora ain't got nothing on me, bitches...'

Vanian: 'OMG, just shut up, all of you. I hate this day. I just want my 23 hours of sleep...'


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