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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Viking, and my knitting needle holder, in progress...

Cutting the interfacing...

working on the photos...

The final listing. Love.

No, really I wasn't. But I really like it. And Denise makes me do it.

I'm super excited about my latest listing, I made a knitting needle holder . It's my own design. It was inspired by the fab Debbie, Denise's sister. She knits us the best and coolest stuff. I love Debbie, and you would too if you knew her.

Making a pattern from scratch is always tricky, but I finally got a good holder. Even if I do say so myself. I love sewing so much, I would sew full-time if I won the lottery. I'd also buy a fancy Bernina. Mmmmm, well, I'd probably have more than one. And a whole sewing room. And a big, big stash. And a serger. And a big cutting table....

If I had more time I'd love to start working on clothes. I just finished 'altering' some new 'work' pants. I had to hem the of course, but I also added pockets. They were sort of there, but sewn shut. I took out the seams, added some 'pockets' I 'made'. Ok, I'll 'stop'.

A lovely sewing room. *Sigh*

Watching the 'Miss Marple' murder mysteries make me want to make cute 50's things. I really want to be a excellent sewer of clothes. Yes, that is what I want to do.

Another really nice sewing room. *Drool*

- Melina

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