Last Day of Vacay  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

That's right.  The last day of what has turned out to be the anti-vacation.  So much time spent setting up the shop that we have barely left the house.  I don't know how Melina feels but I definitely think we did a great job.  We still have to work on pics and list one more item but man, when I think of where we were at the start of this week I can't help but pat both of us on the back!!  I guess I'm grading on a curve.

And as for sales, we have had such great local feedback and a few leads already.  It's really exciting.

From now in the challenge will be to keep everything moving forward.  Writing, the shop, work, and LIFE!  The last will probably suffer most.  

Off to friends' for supper tonight.  YUM!  Looking forward to relaxing.  Will definitely report on the scrumptiousness.

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