Frustrating Day  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I spent all day trying to write but had very little success.  When it goes well it is the best feeling in the entire world and when it is bad there is nothing worse.  Melina worked on photos and I get the impression she was pretty blah after the shoot.  So overall, not a fantastic day.  

Yesterday was great in a lot of ways.  Have had much positive feedback and several people at work who I think are going to make purchases.  YAY!  Still haven't had our first Etsy sale but we will, I know it.  Things are just moving forward in such a great way!  

Now, what has made me happy today?  I learned that Victoria's Secret has come out with a completely vegan skin care line.  Cool!  I love that on 'Regis and Kelly' they talked about Mickey Rourke getting the pendant of his dog, Loki.  Both because I love hearing about how much he loves his animals and the Etsy mention was fabuloso!!  

And this made me happy.  I like 'mini' things a lot and I think my friend had a great idea with this.

~ Denise

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