Our Mother's Keeper, Coming Soon to Take Retail by Storm  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wall mural at 'Our Mother's Keeper'

Yay!!! Our good friend Leesa is just days away from opening her super-exciting new store, called 'Our Mother's Keeper'. As the name might lead you think, it is a store with a conscience and a soul. Just like our Leesa. Huh. Go figure.

Map of the Town of Windsor

I sooooo can not wait to go to Windsor to see it. She's gonna have all sorts of great, cool, amazing, cute, green, environ, nifties that everyone will need to buy. Unlike going to the local Walmart, you'll be supporting local artisans and artists and crafty-makers of all sorts. What could be better than that? Nothing!

Leesa is also really witty and smart, so you'll really enjoy talking to her. She's a classy dame. If you are in need of the special gift-y or an inspiring place to be or need some advice on what items will have the least carbon impact on your footprint. Ummmm, no, that's not quite right. See, you need to talk to Leesa. I need to talk to her too, I'd say.

Some of the ultra amazing stuff I happen to know that she is carrying is some things from Effiehandmade, very cute yoga bags and brush rolls.

And, last, but I'd say not least would be some great pieces from Moody and Sanguine. Oh, my that would be us! Geee, that's a bit convenient. She has some fine, sexy jewellery (earrings and necklaces and the soooo cool corset cuff, meow!) from Denise. As well as some cotton totes, bags, knitting needle roll, and cutlery rolls. So saucy.

So, and this is the most important part, GO TO LEESA'S STORE!!! It's called 'OUR MOTHER'S KEEPER'. *** Note; The store opens Tuesday, May 4. At 10:00 a.m. It's located at 85 Water St. in the lovely town of Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Hours will be Tuesday to Friday 10:00 till 6:00 and Saturday 9:00 till 3:00. The store will be closed Sunday and Monday. The number for the store is (902)- 472-TREE or (902)- 472-8733.

Yay Leesa's amazing new store, 'Our Mother's Keeper'. Yay!!!

-Melina. : D

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