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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I's tie tie. Is 2:40-ish a.m., and I's can't sleeps. Too much doing, but is so excited. *Yawn*

This is new flatware rolls. Will list-y list tomorrows. Hmmmm, no is todays already. How I do allnighties in uni I's has no ideas. *Rubs eyes slowly* I makes the napkin me-self. Nice, nice napkins. So nice-y nice. *Yawns again*

This is painting me do. Landscapesies. Pretty. Trees. Tie tie. I send to Leesa, she takes the bebe. Puts in store. So give her monies. Monies for bebes. Solstice takes monies. See previous post. Monied cat. Little brat. *Looks round for cat while slowly yawning, again*

K, me so so so tie tie. Nite-y nites.


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