Vanian, not Damien  

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My cat Vanian, is such a character. He is almost 4 years old.

He has an unusual name, and most times when I'm telling someone about my cat, they will think I said his name is Damien. Then you get into the, 'No, VANIAN. Like Dave Vanian, of the Damned, like Transyl-vanian.'

Ok, most youngsters would not be familiar with the Damned, I guess. It's stupid, and they should , but I suppose I must concede that they may not. Again, so dumb. What do kids learn in school anyway?

I love the Damned, and if you've seen Tim Burton's 'Sweeny Todd', then you already know what Dave Vanian looks like. Johnny Depp looks exactly like Dave Vanian. It was so odd. I hope that Dave got a ton of money from Tim Burton for totally stealing his look.

Anyway, the Damned are awesome, check 'em out. And my cat is awesome as well, but he's mine, go get your own. : D


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