Sexy Money  

Friday, September 24, 2010

This is a story, about ours cats, and what they think is their money.

'Hey, look at dis, monies on the floors. Mom, can I buy some red pleathers pants dat lace up the sides?'

'I'm gonna go get my rock star pants cat-o-louges...'

'It looks like der is enough monies.'

'Good, he's gone from my monies. Stoopid brothers. Me and blishie likes monies more dan him.'

'Mmmmmmm, nom nom nom, monies, smells like de heavons!'

'Oh, it tastes like de-lisious-ness. Loves monies. My monies'

'Mmmm, still tast-y-ness.'

'Monies, I loves you sooooo much. You are so beaui-fulls. I will never leaves you alones...'

'Oh, no. Stoopid brothers coming back. Stoopid, stoopid dumb dumb.'

'What you want? Nothing to see here. Go away...'

Melina. The very tired mom of the money hungry brats.

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