Feeling Sexxxy Again  

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eric, mmmmm tasty

Ok, this could be mildly horrifying to some, funny to many others, but yeah, gotta say I'm feeling like a sexy lady. Why, you ask? Bloody good question. Let me think...

I think watching 'True Blood' has something to do with it. Have you seen Eric??? There is much eye candy on that freakin' show. Same with 'Vampire Diaries', what with the Damon and all. Sticking with the vampire theme (the BEST theme ever) 'Eclipse' is coming out soon, too. Eye candy indeed.

Damon, on the right

Wearing my contacts makes me feel like a lady. My glasses make me feel cruddy. So, being industrious and wearing them more often.

Also, applying a little make up is making me feel good too. And I actually like my haircut too. I'd love to go to my stylist Dave, but for cutting it myself, I'm rather pleased.

You know who they are

Denise and I are more active and planning meals ahead of time. Also, making meals and freezing them, so we are not tempted to eat crap. Even being vegan, you can still find crap to eat when you are tired and hungry.

The late Betty Page, with my hair, and oddly enough, my new swimsuit

Doing yoga makes me feel sexy, as I'm taking time for myself. Meditating is sooooo sexy. Cuz, it's your brain and stuff. ; )

Preforming well at work, and working some overtime makes me f
eel sexy, I'm making more money, reducing stress and reaching my goals. Weird.

Ummm, me, writing this blog, hahaha!

So, all this stuff together, makes for me feeling sexy. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

- Melina

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