Food and Shoes  

Friday, March 6, 2009

 Yes, that's right, I'm talking about some of my favorite things today. 

I'll start with food. It would be a grim world without it... and we'd be dead, so that would suck too. I love to eat, and luckily love to cook as well. I'm always in a good mood when it's grocery-shopping-day. And today is, you guessed it, time to go to the g store. That's what we call it in our house. We are there almost everyday, but do one 'big' shop a week. Making my list fills me with glee. I do have a small dry board on the fridge, so I can jot down things as I run out or get low on something. This has improved my running of the kitchen greatly.

I love when I have the time and money to try a new recipe. We love the fat free vegan site. And I've been looking for a new vegan cookbook. 

A total slave to my cravings, I'll be minding my own business and boom, I NEED pizza for supper and nothing else will do.

As for shoes, I always am looking and everyone's (mostly ladies) shoes and bags.  I love them so much, sometimes it feels much like a full body craving when there are a pair of shoes or bag I want. Very much like candy. 

What is it with our love of shoes? I sure know I'm not alone here. Even some girl you hardly know, chances are you can get into an involved conversation about shoes off the cuff. I know I can.

So thrilled, as we when shopping yesterday and each bought two pairs of shoes. Bliss. Of course I go two pairs of sneakers (one pair is SILVER, how cool is that?),  and Denise got pretty lady shoes. 

It is always a challenge for us to find nice shoes, as we don't wear leather. So, they tend to be cheap, which works for me, burt also we want the cute. Thus, challenge. Hence, joy at having bought two pairs! Yay!

Now go hug your shoes.



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