That's Right, We're Working Out  

Sunday, March 15, 2009

That's not us but I couldn't resist!

I've said it before and I'll say it again; things are really busy.  One of the things that fell through the cracks was working out.  UGH!  Who has the time, right?  Also, I (Denise) am a late in the day worker-outer whereas Melina is an early in the day one, and if we are trying to get work done together that is not good. 

Starting today we decided to get up early and workout before going to work.  Can you imagine!?!  This is insane!  I had warned Melina that I would probably not like her very much when she woke me up and that was the case.  In fact, half way through the step DVD I thought that this was one of the silliest ideas I ever had, and honestly, what a crazy time for Melina to decide to listen to me!  Good news is that I survived.  I think I'm taking tomorrow off though.  Don't want to shock my system.

In looking for a fun workout pic I Googled '20 Minute Workout' images.  Remember that show?  Well, judging by the images I was too young to really 'get it' because apparently it was pornographic!  The photo above is the only decent one I could find!

~ Denise

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