Ok, Twilight Tonight!!!  

Friday, March 20, 2009

I am just too excited about 'Twilight' being released tonight at midnight. Too excited, I say. 

We are really being so nerdy, as we are going to the closest store that is open tonight to get the, erm, 3 disc special edition DVD. I totally want to be there early, and, as I said to Denise, "I'll elbow 12 year-olds out of the way, I don't care, it's Edward." I, apparently, have no shame. I'll try to behave...

I bought the paperback so I could read it before the DVD release, and the hardcover hurts when it falls on your face.

And, thrilled that 'New Moon' is being filmed now, with the same Jacob. Still irked that they changed the director, but I guess you can't have everything.
And, like I needed 'Twilight' invading more of my life, a co-worker on my team just became as obsessed as I am. We giggle and have in depth discussions about Edward and the books in general. So now I have to try to not procrastinate at work as well!!! Geez.

Ok, so I will try to not go on about 'Twilight' anymore, but at least I know I'm not alone?!? 

~ Melina

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