Waking Up and Trying to Work  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Included in a Treasury!

The first time a stranger has included us in a Treasury!  It's very exciting and reassuring.  Like hitting another milestone along the way in this Etsy journey.  Also received payment today for our large reserved order.  So it is a great day already though I am barely awake.

We are both playing with new ideas for projects.  Especially Melina who is branching out from making only bags.  Stay tuned for more.

But if I've learned anything this week it is the degree to which I NEED to be able to leave my job at some point.  Being both a 98% vegan and Wiccan, it is so hard working under the thumb of people with whom I share no common values or goals.  To so many of them banking is the most fascinating and important thing in the world.  I just need to make money, it ends there.  And for some reason it could not be understood that I might find it morally icky as a veggie to participate in an initiative for which the prizes are steak house gift cards!  I never tell other people what to do and try hard not to be pushy but seriously, could they not let me distance myself from what I find is wrong??  

Taking it in stride.  Am using the frustration to push me to work harder!  And using Melina's creativity to inspire me.

~ Denise

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