Day of Errands  

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ok, today was the day that I both love and dread. Errand day. 

Denise hates this day and would love to pretend that it was unnecessary , but would be the first to be unhappy with no food and clean clothes. I love it because I love to buy and eat food. I hate it because I want to sew and work on new bag ideas.  Never mind that this month was to be a creative month, with me and a friend doing a clothes pattern, which I still haven't got. Blah.

So, out we went, to do errands on foot. Had a good day despite the much walking with heavy flour and whatnot. The most brilliant part was finding clip on lights!!! Took some super-fine photos, I must say myself. Yay!

I'll put a example of some bitchin' photos (for me) here, and above it a photo of the street we walk on to get the good food.

~ Melina

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