Fabric Day!  

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok, finally, I'm going to shop for both fabric and patterns today. And you thought pizza night was exciting!

I wasn't sure it was going to happen, as Denise really hates spending time at the fabric store, and we were both sick on Wednesday (stupid 24 hour flu). But today is Thursday, and I'm better and Denise is well enough to go out. Ha.

Lately I've been looking at patterns on-line, so I know what I'll want before I get there. I hate spending hours looking at a pattern book when I could be going through the fabric. You need to touch the fabric, but the patterns are great to shop for on line. I go to Pattern Review, and it's awesome. And, as the name suggests, there are tons of handy reviews from people who have made them.

I usually go through Etsy to look at all the fabric on there. Some of the prints are so cute, they almost make my mouth water. It's spring, and I'm in the mood for some cute, fun prints and new fabrics. So can't wait to get my hands on the fabric.

In fact, I think I get a little too excited. Sometimes I think I creep out the staff a little with my glee at finding a great print or really good deal. They are nice to me, but it may be out of fear.  I just think more people should have some joy in their lives and friggin' express it. 

As Denise will comment, we are aquarians, and as aquarius-i (?) we emote big. 

Here are some sweet fabric from sellers on Etsy. Enjoy, and share your joy today.  

~ Melina

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