My New Modeling Career  

Saturday, March 28, 2009

                                                     Photo of Hand

 Well, who knew at this point in my life, I would find a exciting new line of work, full of glamour and acclaim? I know I didn't.

I'm a model. Ok, a hand and foot model. Sort of. In photos I took, and Denise, of really her jewellery. But I am modeling these to, I've been told, great effect. I think I've hit on something with this modeling idea.

This week I have been prepping my feet and hands with really nice OPI polish in 'You're a Doll.' Maybe I can get other work as a hand and foot model. I have been watching both 'Top Model' shows for years, I don't mind my hands and feet being nude. In the name of art, of course. When I meet people, I've been making a point to shake their hands, with my lovely prepped hands, to show them off. It really confused the Sobeys clerk last night, but you never know who has connections in the hand modeling world!

                                                           Photo of Foot 

As soon as the weather is nice, I'll wear my cute flip flops and then will constantly strike poses with my feet, in hopes of getting work. Oh, maybe I can strike poses with my hands and well. Flourish the credit card, motion to the lip gloss. Shopping really will be work. Or me trying to get work. I think I'm getting confused now. 

Time, I think, to go practice my Tyra walk with Solstice. "na na na, na nana....."

~ Melina


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