Sometimes Things are Meant to Be  

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Melina and I have been roommates for almost 13 years. It may sound crazy but when you realize that we are like sisters it's more understandable. We really are family. So we were talking about how we ended up opening the Etsy shop. For some it seemed sudden but it was actually a long time coming.

Many years ago we tried to open a Witchy store. We put together a business plan and tried everything we could to get a government sponsored loan. It didn't work out. While we were doing the business plan we did various readings to see if we would have a business. The strange thing was they all said yes but were ambiguous about timing. At the time we assumed this meant the store was within our grasp. Within a few years of that we realized everything had worked out for the best. A life of retail, even as owners was not for us so all of those readings must have been wrong.

The thing is that in the years to come we were frequently told through divination like tarot and pendulum work that a business was in our future. What! That seemed crazy!

Until last year when a friend of ours started an Etsy shop. The timing for us was perfect. I had started doing chainmaille less than a year before after thinking about it for a long time. Melina had taken up sewing again and was loving it. Suddenly there seemed an opportunity for us to use our creativity as we had always been meant to!

Voila, Moody and Sanguine was born! Now we are well on the way to our dreams and we aren't looking back.

~ Denise

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