Lady of the 80's, and I Don't Care!  

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yeah, some people laugh at me. I was saying just today at work how my favorite band has not changed since 1986. Yeah. So. What are you looking at? Wanna make something of it?

So, who is it you, like so many others, may ask. Ok, you might have been alive in the 80's, even may remember them fondly. But chances are you don't know the band I still love more than any other. Yeah, really.

They where so lovely and wonderful. The whimsy, the passion and the unfortunate maroon lipstick. I love the happy jangly guitars, whistful words and serious and tounge-in-cheekyness. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for them. My heroes.

It's the Mission. They are my favorite band, ever. Wayne Hussey has been a source of much joy and comfort over the, er, 23 years. Still fills my heart with bliss. I'd have to say 'Children' is one of the best albums. Though 'God's Own Medicine' is quite brilliant too. I love the Mission ( or the Mish ), and always will. Denise makes fun of me a lot, but I don't care. My love it true.

~ Melina.

Hey Melina, you forgot to mention how you were part of the fan club and how fans called themselves 'Missionaries'. The Mission World Information Service. HAHA!

~ Denise

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