Feast Day  

Friday, August 28, 2009

Last night, we made a really good lasagna. Denise calls it a heart-attack on a plate. It is. We didn't eat any junk food all month, so we decided we would have a day of food as a treat for good behaviour. YAY!

We invited our friends from work over to help us eat all the good things. So, Rhonda and Kelly ate with us last night. That was fun. Kelly told us funny stories, one of which involved her believing she had no legs. She insisted she never had them, and was ' ok with it, I've lived with it for over twenty years, guys. Haven't you noticed, you've known me for years'? A lesson to enjoy yourself responsibly, folks.

It was fun, we also had brownies, chips and martinis. Very tired today.

~ Melina.

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