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Friday, August 14, 2009

Emerald 116

I just wanted to take some time and talk about my Viking Emerald 116. I love my sewing machine. I bought it last December in Truro, on our way to Moncton, at Mary's Creative Sew & Serge. Mary was awesome and stayed late, as we had a lot of trouble finding it. It's easy to find, but not for two tired and cranky Aquarians. I had done research on line and I knew that Viking was a good make.

Mary, it was the real Mary of the Sew & Serge, stayed late, suggested the
Emerald 116, and I love it and bought it. She was so nice. I highly recommend that store. Great service.

My Emerald is such a trooper, I really put it through it's paces. There is still so much I have to learn that it can do. I have to say, some of the gadgets scary me a tad. Automatic button-hole maker, plastic 'feet' and I still get sweaty when I've to change a needle. It's totally easy, just my worry that I'll accidentally hurt my lovely machine.

Now, if I were to come into lots of money suddenly, I would so get the completely terrifying Bernina 830. It's so..... got everything. And it's computerized. Ha! It'd take me a year to work up the nerve to use it. Maybe.

I so want to go sew now.

~ Melina.

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