Great Friends and a Sore Head  

Monday, August 24, 2009

We have some really great friends. I've noticed this recently because of all the support we've gotten through our Facebook fan page. The comments from people have really been encouraging! When starting a new thing like this Etsy shop it can sometimes feel like you are working away and not quite getting the rewards, but then you hear someone say they like your stuff and it is a huge boost!

We went out for coffee last Friday with our friend Kerry who also has an Etsy shop. It is so awesome to have
another friend who we can brainstorm with and complain to and generally hash out new plans. She is also awesome because she is always willin
g to drive us places we need to go. We are auto-challenged but she has a lovely vehicle is always there to bring us where we have to go.
And the BIGGEST reminder of how great our friends are came when Rhonda did the most amazingly thoughtful thing. We had been talking about a book I wanted to buy. She suggested that it could be at the library, but you see, the library and I have issues. I can't return things on time. I don't know what it is. Even one year that I worked at my University library, I still returned things late. So borrowing the book from the library was not a good idea. So what did she do? She got it out for me! She went to the library and said she'll just remind me a couple of days before it needs to be returned. How sweet
is that? It's already inspired a couple of pieces and I think she'll find one of them has a special name. ; )
On another note, I should mention Melina's accident. She concussed herself yesterday. Yup. We struggled through the Hurricane Bill rains to get into the cab and get to work. She was so anxious to get out of the rain that BAM! She whacked her head on the top of the cab door. There was blood and a hospital visit. She's fine now, mainly because she has a very hard head, but don't tell her I said so. Send her healing vibes as she still feels a bit woozy.

~ Denise

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