Long Live Summer  

Saturday, June 27, 2009

 I'm a cool weather sorta gal, so is Denise. This makes our friendship solidly based in dread of the summer and the hot, humid weather. But now, we live in blessed air conditioned comfort. 

 Even as a kid, I loved some parts of summer, but hated the nights that you couldn't sleep due to the heat. Yes, there was no school ( YEAH!!!), and swimming (never enough for me, could have gone to the beach or lake everyday) and bike riding (my 'wheels', first taste of vehicular freedom, see two posts back).

 For the last few years, I've started looking into the brilliant world of the portable air conditioner. Last year, I was crushed when I realized that due to illness, I could not afford an air conditioner. I cried. There was just no way. I vowed that next year would be different.

 And it sure is. Yesterday, finally, I bought a huge, ugly but oh so wonderful 12,000 BTU air conditioner. I LOVE it. The salesman who sold the beloved beast to me, was laughing at my very obvious excitement and utter joy. It was a challenge in logistics to get it home, and much props to Bob and Lorraine for being the heroes of the summer.

So, now I can sew and not want to cry with sweating and heat induced exhaustion. I'm so so very happy. : )

                        - Melina.

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