Car Love  

Monday, June 22, 2009

 I love cars. I've never had my own car...YET! My mom's car has felt very much like my car. I love renting a car, feels even more like my car. I dream constantly about having my own car. When it's slow at work, I 'make' my own cars.

I hate that luxury cars have only leather interiors. Poo on that. But mama wants a Jag-u-ar... A funny thing happened when I was 'building' my cars, I would select the cheapest models, and then, as I noticed this, and made a point of picking exactly what I want. 

So, as you see, I've some of my current favorites here. It's fun to pretend that you just won the lottery, and see what you'd buy. Love it.

                         - Melina.


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