Stolen Idea - 25 Facts About Denise  

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stole this idea from our Twitter friend LaChatNoir.  Today I am doing my 25 facts and soon you will get to read Melina's.  I wonder how many will overlap.

1 - I have dyed my hair a lot.  It has been black, brown, red, pinky-red, red and black together, blonde, plummy black - you get the idea.  It is now red and I think I'll stick with it for awhile.

2 - I work at a bank which is absolutely ridiculous to anyone who knows me.  Seriously, I am not a banker-type.  There is only so long I will be able to fake it.

3 - I spent ages 10 to 16 dancing.  Studied ballet, modern and jazz and was in a youth company until I had to have my first of 2 knee surgeries to repair damage done to a joint that was already made wrong.

4 - My black cat named Solstice is my shadow.  She follows me everywhere, sleeps with me, and is sitting on me right now.  My cat Vanian  is more aloof with his affections, except with Melina.

5 - As a child I pretended my Barbies were Amish.  Yup, Amish.

6 - On the vegetarian / vegan spectrum I am 98 % towards the vegan side.  I will never eat an animal as there is no need.

7 - Melina and I became roommates because a the person I was sharing with at the time tried to kill me.  I didn't like a painting she put on the wall.  Melina lived upstairs and after being terrorized for another month we were like, "Hey, wanna move out?".  That was 12 years ago. 

8 - In 5th grade I insisted on having the Halloween costume of a a Turkish lady and I would accept nothing else.

9 - I have been known to have a ... um ... I guess you could say a big mouth.  It is absolutely impossible for me to keep my mouth shut if I think something is wrong.  I do not 'play the game' well, which goes back to #2 re. not a banker.  Melina once said to someone suggesting that I might get myself into trouble "You may as well tell the sun not to shine or the wind not to blow as tell Denise to keep her mouth shut."

10 - When I was 25 I was diagnosed as bi-polar.  For a few years after that I was a little shaky but am now very well controlled.  I often say that my life only really started around the age of 28 - 29 because that was the first time I really was able to think as myself and not as the diseased me.

11 - I have an English degree and I write supernatural fiction and horror.  Have had a few stories published and am working on a novel.  

12 - I have a phobia of frogs.  No idea where it comes from.  Think I may have died in a swamp in a past life.

13 - I have 4 sisters - Debbie, Donna, Darlene and Diane.  If that isn't enough, three of them married Davids.

14 - The children's choir I was in sang for the Queen.  Prince Philip came over to say hello when we were done so I often refer to him as 'my friend'.

15 - Am often known for my laugh which is rather loud.  It has alternately been described as "crawling into your head and making you crazy" and as "lovely as a cascade of pearls".  I am fond of the latter.

16 - As a kid I named my hands Lobster and Fish.  Fish was a girl and Lobster was a boy and they would go swimming together when I washed my hands and give each other little kisses.

17 - My family is Acadian.  There is no mutt-ness about me that I can find.  French all the way through, temper and all.  Vive l'Acadie! :)

18 - I have a list of tattoos planned and may actually be able to afford them.  I don't think you are ever too old to get a new  tattoo!!

19 - After many, many pitchers of Zombies I managed to learn to tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue.  Useless skill that has followed me from my early twenties!

20 - I wish I lived somewhere with more of a Latin community.  I would love to learn to Salsa, and Latin men are hot.  

21 - I completely lack that whole adrenaline chasing thing that some people have.  My first thought when someone mentions skydiving or mountain climbing is "Uh, you could die!"

22 - I am allergic to the sun and am thus glow-in-the-dark pale.  That and the fact that left to my own devices I would have the sleep habits of an owl and wear a lot of black make my friends joke that I am, in fact, a vampire.  So where's my Edward!

23 - I am Wiccan, can read tarot a bit and have studied stones and Reiki.  There is so much more that I want to do!

24 - I am NOT one of those people who loved high school.  In fact, I often don't trust people if I feel they enjoyed high school too much.  That isn't natural.

25 - I am hungry.

That was harder than I thought it would be!

~ Denise

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