25 Things About Me, con'ted  

Saturday, June 13, 2009

 Ok, now it's Melina's turn. Yikes.

1. I'm an Aquarius and am very proud of it.

2. The love of my life just may be sweets. I'll entertain salt, maybe the occasional one-night stand, but sugar is where my heart is.

3. I was born in Lahr, Germany.

4. My favorite band is the Mission, and has been since, oh, 1987. 

5. I can chug like a pro. No, really, it's quite appalling really.

6. I've a sister, Melisa. She's handicapped and a complete superstar.

7. Once I saw Prince Charles and Lady Diana drive by in Bridgewater. Yeah, we stood there waiting.

8. My favorite meal is taco salad. Soooooo good.

9. I'm wiccan.

10. The Moody part of our name is for my mom's father, who's name was Moody, and yes, he really was moody too.

11. I went to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

12. I'm mostly vegan. I still eat honey.

13. I love tattoos. I've 3 and can't wait to have sleeves ( tattoos all up and down my arms).

14. I love Halloween. I always will. 

15.  Vampires are my favorite supernatural beastie.

16. I love to paint. Just wish I had more time.

17. Joss Whedon is God-like in my world.

18. I've terrible taste in men. Working on not being so lame.

19. I love fine china. And dinnerware and flatware. Love it. But not bone china, it's made from animal bone ash. Ewww.

20. My favorite painter is John Singer Sargent.

21. I love to fold and put away laundry. It makes me happy.

22. The best thing to do ever is to get a cat ( or bebe of some variety) and a good book and go read and nap with said cat or bebe.

23. I was in the Navy Leauge briefly. Really, very briefly. Polyester flares and following orders, not so fun.

24. My favorite childhood memory was singing 'God of Thunder' by Kiss on the coffee table. I also very proudly wore my Kiss Army t-shirt to my second grade photo day.

25. I love a good beverage. There may be very little I like more.

             - Melina.

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