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Friday, June 5, 2009

 We are always trying to have something new in store, which with work, life, uber-demanding cats, seeing the odd ( and, man, are they ODD!!! HAHAHA!!! Ba-dum-dum! Ok, kidding.) friend, is a challenge.

 Well, Denise made some simply FAB new earrings. Love them. I always want a pair for the 'house', which means we have an extra pair only for us to wear. You know, to test the merchandise. Which we have to do. Right. No, really, we do. We must. Quality control. Yes, that exactly what that is called. It's all for the good of our beloved customers. We love them.
 As for me, I finally finished a new bag. I've been wanting to make it forever, and finally got it done. I really like it. I'd love one myself, but Denise would crown me. I'm lucky I got to keep a tote. Not that Denise is the boss of me, she's just bossy. HAHAHA!!! Again, just kidding around.

 Ok, everyone, go have a look and let us know what you think. Thanks!

                       - Melina.           

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