Things I Won't Miss: the Metro Transit Experience  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ah, Metro Transit.  How will I possibly live without you when I finally reach my goal and make it to my house in the country?  With blissful joy, that's how!

Instead of measuring the change of seasons by leaves on the trees or seasonal vegetables (as I dream of doing), the evolving Metro Transit experience is my guide.  Winter brings heavy coats, the  multiple layers meaning that sharing a seat becomes a little more intimate than one would like as you squish into the space.  Spring is wet.  Ballet flats should be avoided lest the pooling water full of winter salt soak the bottom of your pants, leaving the white crystalline stain that won't be removed until the next wash.  Very attractive.  Fall is the easiest.  Not too hot or too cool or too wet. 

You may noticed I've skipped summer.  You see, there is just so much to say about summer.  First of all, humidity is often near 100%  here on the coast.  This leads to excruciating discomfort on all but very few air conditioned busses.  Those precious commodities seem reserved for the nicer areas of the city.  Maybe that's just my conspiracy theory.  The far worse problem of summer transit should be totally avoidable.  B.O.  Honestly, if you can kick someone off the bus because their perfume is too strong than why can't you boot someone who smells like they've never met a tube of deodorant?  And why are the numbers of the B.O. afflicted so high?  Can they not smell themselves?

I'll end my tale with the story of yesterday's bus trip.  I took a seat by myself and did not take notice of the guy sitting behind me.  When he got up to leave I realized that he was ordinary enough, nothing that would have alerted me to what I would experience.  

I sat quietly, content that my very short bus ride would be uneventful.  Suddenly and VERY loudly the guy behind me yells "Montreal".  No explanation, just "Montreal".  I don't react, just think 'Hey maybe the guy likes Montreal'.   A few minutes later he yells just as suddenly and just as loud, "Comes and goes, just like an octopus!".  Harder not to react, but I've learned not to bother the 'eccentric' is the best option.  By the time he yelled "Lillian", I was getting off the bus.

Yup, always interesting.  Such is Metro Transit.

~ Denise

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