Canada Day!  

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

 Today is Canada Day, here in Canada. I like Canada Day, mostly because of the fireworks, and of course having the day off work. This is the first Canada Day I've had off in two years, as I usually volunteer to work. 


We, as Canadians, celebrate in a low key way. Usually involves a lot of beer and a bbq. Some have flags, some do not. Some don't even celebrate, like Denise. I think it's because she's French, and the English tried to expel the French to the swamp lands of the southern US in 1755. Geez, talk about holding a grudge.

 So if your not Canadian, it's ok, just drink a beer and/or have a bbq and argue about history and your almost there.

 Hey, I'll save my opinion of the war of 1812 for the fourth of July. 


                  - Melina.    

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