Eating Clean, Gonna Be a Mean Machine!  

Friday, July 10, 2009

 Yeah, ok, so I guess I may have heard that eating lots of fruit and veggies was good for you. I'm vegan after all, right? And exercise, yeah, I walk to grocery store across the street. That's a good amount, eh?

 Well, don't laugh, but we do want to make a change, as we've mentioned before. And this time, we mean it! Totally been reading Oxygen magazine ( despite the horrid tan-and-sparkly-high-cut-'swimsuit'-and-man-ish-arm-ness ) and just bought the 'Eat Clean Diet' book. The eat clean book isn't a diet, but lifestyle, and wow, is it awesome. I'm glad there was a tiny section on vegetarian/vegan clean eating too. I want to learn to eat really well. I've seen a difference already!!!
As for Oxygen and working out, I love weights. Lifting weights really makes me happy, and the magazine has really good information on exercises and food. I just wish the supplement ads weren't there and that the aesthetic was different. But the info is great. I've even been peeking in on the veganbodybuilding site. 

We are going to rule. That's right. You'll see!


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