I Can Dream Too!  

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Melina isn't the only one who dreams about the future, and I can dream big with the best of 'em!  Dream BIG or don't bother is my motto.  So what would you find in my future home, you may wonder?  A big Gothic study / library would be perfect.  All dark wood.  And a big cozy seating area and a fireplace, one tall enough to walk into.  I like the feel of this one.

I also want an indoor pool.  I love to swim but am allergic to the sun so swimming in the ocean can be problematic.  I love the idea of being able to swim anytime I want.  Finding a pic of what I want was impossible.  You see, I want it to be a big indoor pool and I want the room to feel a bit like a cave.  Stone walls and everything.  How cool would that be?  

I told you I can dream big!

But here in reality I am waiting anxiously to find out if I have to do my first custom order.  Very exciting!  A woman contacted me the other day about this bracelet:

She wanted to know if it can be made in stainless steel so that it has a less shiny, more medieval look.  I told her I could and am now waiting to see what her decision is .  

First custom order.  Every little milestone is so exciting!

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