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Friday, July 17, 2009

So, this weekend, Kiss are playing Halifax. I'm not going, as the ticket price is way too high, and my little sister is competing in Special Olympics this weekend.

But, as a little kid of 7 or 8, I LOVED Kiss. I wore a Kiss Army t-shirt to my 2nd grade photo day. Yeah, I was cool. The posters on my wall, and scribbler and of course the albums, I loved Kiss. I'd make my little sister and I dress up like different members of Kiss, though I was always Ace as I though he was way the best.

The last album I liked was 'Creatures of the Night'. After that was 'Lick it Up', and it was utter poo. But the best was 'Destoryer', by far. I would sing 'God of Thunder' on the coffee table all the time when I was a kid. Yeah, 'Slowly rob you of your virgin soul...', mmmm, the subtext was lost on me at the time. Still one of the coolest album covers ever.

So, though they aren't really the band I loved when I was a kid, I will really hope I can hear the show from my apartment. I could hear the Rolling Stones, so fingers crossed.

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