New listing, tentative order, and Rob Zombie  

Saturday, February 28, 2009

First of all, a brand new listing in our shop.  Always exciting!

As for our order, this is the story.  A friend of Melina's contacted us to say that her employer stuffs stockings for all of the employees every Christmas and they thought they wanted to buy some stuff from us.  Awesome!  I thought it would probably be at the most 12 pairs of earrings or something and that would be fantastic!!  Well, she sent us the tentative order and I don't want to jinx anything, but HOLY CRAP!!!  It is soooooo much more than I thought.  Just waiting for final info and a deposit.

Went for coffee with a friend last night who also has an Etsy shop (effiehandmade).  She gave us so much support and feedback.  It's great to have a friend like that who has been where you are and is now able to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly.   

And now for something that is just totally frivolous and fun for me.  I just finished re-watching Rob Zombie's Halloween.  Here are the 5 reasons I love Rob Zombie:

1- He's vegetarian.
2- He has an amazing esthetic sense that is totally unique.
3- He is fearless in following his own vision.
4- He always casts his wife in his films.  Who doesn't want a guy who has that much faith in you?
5- His films are always so real.  He doesn't make things visually glossy and shiny, he makes the ugly as bad as it should be and the beautiful more gorgeous than you would think possible.

OK, some of those may overlap a bit but it wasn't a scientific process.  I just love him.

~ Denise

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